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“Ultimate Preferans” is interactive online game designed for Preferans fans, both experienced players and beginners.

Any kind of unproper behavior will be banned by restricting the application access.

Creating the Game

It is possible to create the game "for now" or for the certain time. The game created "for now" starts as soon as all three players join the game, and it is shown in the pending games list until the player who created the game cancels it or logs out.

Game duration determines the period of time after which it becomes possible to quit the game, reducing the points, without the consent from other players.

Turn timeout represents the time box that player must play his/her turn within. If he/she doesn't do that, the system will play some default action instead (for example, "Pass" during the bidding phase, or playing cards automatically).

Minimum/maximum rating determine the range that player must fit in so he/she could join the game. If these are not defined, there will be no rating restriction and everyone can join.

Fields First/Second player are used to reserve the spot for selected palyers.

Chips and the Stash

Chips and the stash are used to pay for the game, whereby game cost depends of the Bula number. The value of the chips and stash is the same.

Chips can only be received as gifts/rewards from "Ultimate preferans" application, and that is on the first login (1000 chips), on daily login basis and as the reward for the first, the second or the third place for monthly ranking. The amount of chips got on daily basis depends on player login continuity - 40 on day 1, 50 on day 2, 60 on day 3, 70 on day 4, and 100 for every next day.

Maximum number of chips user can have is 500 (the exception is the amount players get in the beginning).

Stash can be refilled only by purchase.

Paying for the game is done automatically by reducing the certain amount of chips. When user has no enough chips, than the missing amount is taken from the stash.

The Game

If one of the players does not show up for the start of the scheduled game, it will be canceled and chips will be returned to all players.

Each player has right to call for one pause during the game.

If players agree to end the game, the process of reducing the all players' points will start.

If one of the players breaks the game unconditionally, the game will be reduced to his detriment (other two players goes down for remaining bula amount).

Every player can (but is not obligated to) let the observers and the player who does not play current ruond to see (ogle) his/her cards.


Nakon završene partije u kojoj je odigrano više od 10 ruku vrši se osvežavanje dve rang liste: rang liste sortirane prema poenima i rang liste sortirane prema rejtingu.

Poeni se skupljaju na mesečnom nivou i zavise od: broja odigranih partija, kvaliteta protivnika i ostvarenog skora u odigranim partijama.

Rejting odslikava kvalitet igrača.

Da bi se sračunali poeni i rejting potrebno je prvo odrediti rejtinga partije (po igraču), a to se radi sledećom formulom: rejting partije = skor u partiji + prosečan rejting protivnika - rejting igrača

Ukoliko je rejting partije pozitivan onda on predstavlja i broj osvojenih poena u toj partiji i dodaje se poenima igrača za tekući mesec, a ukoliko je negativan onda igrač ne dobija dodatne poene.

Za razliku od poena koji su uvek pozitivni, rejting može biti i negativan. Dok ne odigra pet partija, rejting igrača je nula. Nakon odigrane pete partije rejting se sračunava kao srednja vrednost ostvarenih skorova u prethodnim partijama uvećan za srednju vrednost rejtinga protivnika u tim partijama. Od šeste partije pa nadalje rejting se izračunava kao zbir starog rejtinga i 4% rejtinga partije.

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